Recently, a friend of mine complained that I presume a lot and I should really stop doing so. This made me introspect about my habit pattern. Am I really presuming? Is it affecting me? Should I work on transforming my habit? After proper thinking, I came to an conclusion for myself. And, I thought of writing about my introspection here as it may help other in similar situation.

What is presumption?

Presumption is the idea which is taken to be true on the basis of probability. Such ideas aren’t tested properly and are merely based on your perception. You believe something is true without proof.

Is presumption bad thing to do?

Yes, it is bad. When you presume something about other, you stop seeking for the truth. You don’t do fact-check. You don’t even look for second opinion. In fact, believing anything is bad thing to do. Sadhguru Jaggi Basudev says belief gives us confidence without clarity and when you have confidence without clarity, you are going to be disastrous.

Do I have habit of making presumption?

I checked out my past activities thoroughly to see if I have habit of making presumptions. And after thinking and rethinking a lot, I came to an conclusion that I don’t presume. I discovered that I’m a seeker by my nature.

When I see something happening, I develop opinions on that. Yes,  I develop multiple assumptions regarding that. I don’t believe on any of such assumptions. I fact-check each of them and after thorough research, I come up with the conclusion. And, I always allow self-doubt on my conclusions as well. I allow the rise of new assumption regarding what I concluded. And if I get new assumption, I start searching for the reality again.

There may be several factors which made me this way. One of them may be my academics as well. As a student of social science, I have to develop multiple assumptions, take them as hypothesis, do research on each hypothesis and develop a theory as conclusion. Even the theory is reexamined time and again to see its reliability in newly developed circumstances. This cycle continues again and again in the field of social science. Maybe this has influenced my habit pattern as well.

Another reason may be my past experiences. I’ve experienced that the person whom I believed to be wrong wasn’t as bad as I had believed and the one whom I believed to be great wasn’t as great as I had believed. Yes, I had presumptions about people in the past. But, my experiences has enabled me to be skeptic all the time. I have come to understand that none is good or bad and the person may transform time and again based on new circumstances and experiences. I’ve transformed time and again on the same way.

 What could have made my friend feel that I make presumptions?

When I have any assumptions, I start the fact-checking process. I communicate with the concerned person to seek for the reality. May be I was communicating in wrong way which could have made my friend feel that I made presumptions.

From this post, I would like to tell my friend that if I made presumptions I wouldn’t esquire about that. I don’t actually believe on the assumptions that crop up in my mind and thus ask you about it seeking for reality. When I am seeking, I am neutral. Only after making conclusion, I may sometimes develop bias.

So, my dear friend, please don’t presume that I make presumptions. 😀

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