When I checked out the internet Wayback machine, I discovered that this domain, maheshpathak.com.np, was first snapped on February 6, 2012, and the page saved by it showed me that I had posted my first blog in this domain on February 1st of that year. I had started blogging with WordPress.com site much before that. But, I always turned out to be an occasional blogger. Later, I got more active on Facebook and totally stopped blogging.

Yesterday, I was commenting on a post on Facebook. Before I hit the enter button, I realized that it had become very long comment with multiple paragraphs. (Later, discovered that it was over 150 words. 😀 ) I got a feeling it looks more like a blog. Why don’t I restart blogging? After all, my long facebook comments are likely to be read by very few people. Better I post that on the blog for the entire world to read, getting it accessible for Google and other search engines to index.

And, within an hour, I set up a blog site on my long ago registered domain maheshpathak.com.np and posted the same comment as a blog. (Obviously, I polished the comment little more before posting as a blog.) And with this, I am restarting blogging.

Link to that blog post: Nudity is the cause of rape. Really?

I have been writing my opinion on facebook since long. Sometimes, Facebook posts became much longer than anyone would expect. Such posts will now appear on this blog site. And certainly, I will post a link in facebook letting you know what I have written in my blog.

Let me know if you would like to tell me anything via below comment box. I’d love to read them all. After all, the blog is all about sharing knowledge and opinion and the comment section is all about the discussion over it. 🙂

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